Sunday 18 September, Buxton

The Midgets raced on the newly tarmaced surface with the fastest time of the day being set in practice by Steve Young (59), who unfortunately then had car problems and was unable to race. For the rest the racing was fast with overtaking a little tricky on the outside line. Mark Hodges (5) took a pole to flag victory in the first heat and ex ministox driver Camey Dorrell taking heat 2. The final was a very high speed race interrupted by a couple of yellow flags, the first for Dave Bonser (10) when he had suspension failure and the second when Camey had a spin in turn 1 and hit the marker tyres, leaving her stranded in the middle of the turn. Mark Hodges led on the restart, and went on to win ahead of the Pooley brothers Jonathan and Daniel. Five cars crossed the finish line as one with only a few tenths separating them all, with Leon Smith (3) taking 4th and Clifford Bunn (23) in 5th.

Heat 1:- 1st 5 Mark Hodges, 2nd 262 Camey Dorrell, 3rd 10 Dave Bonser, 4th 31 Jonathan Pooley, 5th 32 Daniel Pooley, 6th 37 Tony Smith, 7th 3 Leon Smith, 8th 23 Cliff Bunn, 9th 4 Michael Sutch, NOF.

Heat 2:- 1st 262 Camey Dorrell, 2nd 31 Jonathan Pooley, 3rd 3 Leon Smith, 4th 10 Dave Bonser, 5th 32 Jonathan Pooley, 6th 23 Clifford Bunn, 7th 5 Mark Hodges, 8th 37 Tony Smith, 9th 4 Michael Sutch, NOF.

Final:- 1st 5 Mark Hodges, 2nd 31 Jonathan Pooley, 3rd 32 Daniel Pooley, 4th 3 Leon Smith, 5th 23 Clifford Bunn, 6th 37 Tony Smith, 7th 4 Michael Sutch, NOF.

No Name From Car Pts
10 Dave BONSER Tamworth Van Diemen-Vauxhall 339 GS
31 Jonathan POOLEY March Scorpian-Vauxhall 323 R
3 Leon SMITH High Wycombe Scorpian-Vauxhall 282 R
37 Tony SMITH Pattishal ASRE Probe-Peugeot 264 R
32 Daniel POOLEY March Scorpian-Vauxhall 232 B
59 Steve YOUNG Coventry Firehawk / Cheetah 223 R
40 Steve SUTCH tba Scorpian-Vauxhall 218 B
262 Camey DORRELL tba tba 206 B
23 Clifford BUNN West Midlands Drinan 195 B
5 Mark HODGES Congleton Scorpian-Vauxhall 183 R
2 Mark GREENSMITH Boston Scorpian 103 Y
26 Matt HYDE Solihull P&K Suzuki 80 W
28 Geoff BUNN tba Scorpian-Vauxhall 63 B
19 Alan BUCKLAND Worthing Madgwick Ford 38 R
100 Richie SCHEEPENS Tilburg, NL SST Westfield -Ford 33 W
77 Neil CLARK Birmingham Stealth-Vauxhall 24 Y
101 François DAMEN Tilburg, NL SST Westfield -Suzuki 24 W
55 Jamie YOUNG Coventry tba 23 W
18 Stu STRETTON tba Firehawk 21 W
4 Michael SUTCH tba Scorpian-Vauxhall 18 W
76 Allen HERBERT Bedford Dart-Rover 13 Y
21 Lee MORGAN West Midlands Scorpian-Vauxhall 3 B