Monday 25 August, Arlington, Southern Championship

Yet another wet meeting with constant rain from the moment the drivers got to the south east of England!

Tom Goakes being the early leader of race one soon had Allen Herbert and Marc de Land closing in . We lost Andrew Bilby in the early stages of the race and he pulled off to the infield. Allen Herbert found himself a passenger on the next lap as his car aquaplaned across the track then onto the speedway track and ended up in the rear of the parked Andrew Bilby car. By lap 7 Marc was all over the rear of Tom's car but just could not get the traction to get by, then he got a misfire and by lap 9 the engine died and that's Marc`s race over, Alan Buckland was getting back in the swing of things but was finding it hard going on seven year old wet tyres that had seen better days. Daniel Pooley had Dave Bonser all over the rear of his car but with only one line to take it was not going to be easy to pass Dan, Jonathan had now closed up to fourth which soon became third as Dan, Dave and JP all took Tom after drifting out wide. Tony Smith was having his own race as was Mark Hodges both keeping out of the way of the top three but both picking up good points. Back up front and it was Daniel who took race one from D.B and J.P

A depleted field for race two as some cars could not get fixed in time with the short turn around. Again Tom took up the lead from Tony Smith and Neil Clarke in third. But all the action was further back as Daniel and Dave resumed their on track battle from race one, by lap 8 Dave had got by Daniel though may be the broken rear suspension did not help the no 32 car to defend his position and then retired, that left it to Jonathan to put Dave under some pressure but that did not come. Tom Goakes was holding on to his third place from Neil Clarke with Tony Smith a little further back and that was the order they finished Just the Five cars.

Tom led the field for the Southern Championship from Marc de Land Allen Herbert and Tony Smith. In the blue grade came Andrew Bilby and Neil Clarke. No red graders so Dave and Jonathan had a clean run at the Blues. By lap four Marc final managed to get by Tom for the lead but already through to fourth and fifth place was Dave and Jonathan. Cars were slipping and sliding as the track conditions got worse with the heavy rain, Lap 8 and Marc was still out front but now Dave and Jonathan were 2nd and 3rd though Jonathan had lost some ground on Dave. Tom was keeping a steady gap to Neil Clarke to hold on to fourth. Lap 13 and Marc was stuck behind Allen Herbert who had no idea that the leading cars were behind him, After following Allen for a couple of laps Marc had to make his move, coming down the home straight Allen stayed out wide on the race line Marc stayed on the inside as the cars went into turn one Allen moved to the inside line where there was not much grip but Marc had planned to get alongside the no 76 car through that turn so he had to slam on the brakes and slid into the rear of Allens Car and that let Bonser drive around the outside of both of them, Marc managed to get by down the back straight though he now had a intermittent misfire, Jonathan was just two or three car lengths behind on lap 15. But to Marc`s surprise the next lap coming around turn 4 he saw the rear of Jonathans car sticking out of the fencing with a broken front wish bone. That just left Dave and Marc on the lead lap but good news for Tom as he was now third. As Dave took the flag and the Win Marc was just exiting turn four. Andrew Bilby could not make any inroads in catching Tony Smith in the closing stages but still managed some good points.

So the GP Midgets move on to Aldershot for the next round, can the Pooley brothers do anything about the Dave Bonser show or is he going to take another title and bag full of points again.

Heat 1: 1st 32 Daniel Pooley, 2nd 10 David Bonser, 3rd 31 Jonathan Pooley, 4th 30 Tom Goakes, 5th 77 Neil Clarke, 6th 19 Alan Buckland, 7th 37 Tony Smith, 8th 5 Mark Hodges, NOF.

Heat 2: 1st 10 David Bonser, 2nd 31 Jonathan Pooley, 3rd 30 Tom Goakes, 4th 77 Neil Clarke, 5th 37 Tony Smith, NOF.

Southern Championship: 1st 10 David Bonser, 2nd 15 Marc De Land, 3rd 30 Tom Goak, 4th 77 Neil Clarke, 5th 37 Tony Smith, 6th 16 Andrew Bilby, NOF.