Saturday 29 June, Birmingham Wheels
Rycroft Plumbing Trophy

Chris Neal was back for this meeting, complete with a new engine, and a redesigned engine bay.

Keith Minshall took up the lead ahead of Jack Hodges, In the yellow grade Cliff Bunn was the first away with Tony Smith right on his tail. Steve Young and Marc de Land had a good couple of laps side by side until the Marc`s car decided it wanted to go straight on the bends and Steve soon pulled away and set about catching the cars ahead. Tom Keep was the leading red grader and was soon trying to find a way pass Pete Dorrell.

Keith managed to spin him self out of the lead just as Cliff was passing Jack which was now for the lead, Lap 4 and Marc managed to get him self boxed in behind Tony Smith as a train of lead by Tom Keep and Dave Dollin drove around the out side dropping him down to 12th. Cliff lead was slowly diminishing as both Steve Young and Tom Keep closed in. Chris Neals meeting came to a close when he retired to the infield half way through the race. By lap 9 Steve Young was leading from Cliff Bunn who was doing his best to defend his second place from Tom Keep, and it was not long before they found a way pass and set about catching Steve. With 2 to go Steves lead had gone and Tome was all over the rear of car 59 but while these too battled away this allowed Dave Dollin to close right in and when these three came upon some back markers going through turn 2 tom just slip wide and lost a bit of time to let Cliff get away and that was the chance gone, Dave also could not find away past the cheetah Peugeot of Tom Keep, Steve took the first win of the evening

Race one: 1st 59 Steve Young, 2nd 46 Tom Keep, 3rd 44 Dave Dollin, 4th 33 Gordon Pooley, 5th 10 Dave Bonser, 6th 23 Clifford Bunn, 7th 31 Jonathan Pooley, 8th 32 Daniel Pooley

We had lost two cars for heat two, Chris Neal and Keith Minshall both had mechanical trouble.

So that left Jack Hodges to take up the lead at the green flag, Marc de Land again made a good start in the early stages getting pass Pete Dorrell and then Tony Smith , By lap 4 Cliff Bunn took up the lead from Jack Hodges, Marc de Land was now in third and Pete Dorrell was about a car length behind, then car a group of cars lead by Tom Keep and as tom went through turn two on the out side of Pete Dorrell the rear end tried to over take the front putting Toms car in a slide and straight into the path of Gordon Pooley who had nowhere to go apart from Toms front end, As Gordon ended up on the exit of turn two by the fencing and a slow limping Tom Keep heading for the infield Dave Dollin managed to catch Toms car and drop him down the field to 9th, But as the race continued one person who benefitted from all this action was Jonathan Pooley who now found himself in third place, Pete Dorrell was holding onto fourth place and going well, as the race was coming to an end Jonathan was closing in on the lead lap after lap but Cliff had pulled out just enough of a lead to take the win by two car lengths. Dave Dollin did well to work himself up to third after the accident with Tom earlier on in the race.

Race two: 1st 23 Clifford Bunn, 2nd 31 Jonathan Pooley, 3rd 44 Dave Dollin, 4th 8 Peter Dorrell, 5th 32 Daniel Pooley, 6th 5 Mark Hodges, 7th 59 Steve Young, 8th 17 Jack Hodges

We only had 9 starters for the final one as Tom and Gordon's cars were not repairable at the meeting.

Jack again was the early leader, next up came Cliff Bunn from Tony Smith, Marc de Land was quick in the early stages as he pulled clear of Steve Young and Pete Dorrell but he was soon caught and re- past by Stev and Pete and then the red graded cars after a couple of laps, Dave Bonser was the leading red grader but he was closely followed by Daniel Pooley Dave Dollin and Jonathan Pooley, Going into turn three 2nd to 5th place were very close and there was a slight coming together sending Steve Young in a 360 spin and just clipping Tony Smith with his front wheel which broke Steve`s steering and out of the race, Cliff took up the lead on lap 5, by this time cars were getting spaced out and this was making it easy for Jonathan Pooley to pick of cars lap by lap, But Dave Bonser and Dave Dollin was not letting Jonathan pull away from him and was only three car lengths behind. As the laps ticked down Jonathan and the chasing group were closing in on Cliff and a couple of laps later they were together and cliff went a little wide going into turn one and that was enough to let JP duck up on the inside and take up the lead of another final. There was nearly a coming together as Cliff Bunn Dave Bonser and Dave Dollin closed in on Jack Hodges who stayed on the inside line to keep out of the way of the leaders, Cliff went to the outside but Dave Bonser closed in faster that he wanted and braked hard to avoid Jack, Dave Dollin could not capitalise on this and had to sit behind Dave going down the back straight, Last lap and Jonathan took the win but the action was the battle for second, going into turn three Dave Bonser dived to the outside of Cliff, Dave Dollin closed the gap behind Cliff so Dave B could not slip back in, so Bonser exiting turn four powered his way pass Cliff to snatch Second, Good drive nice and clean.

With Jonathan winning the Rycroft Plumbing trophy he made it a one two three with Gordon and Daniel winning this in the last three years.

Rycroft Plumbing Trophy: 1st 31 Jonathan Pooley, 2nd 10 Dave Bonser, 3rd 23 Clifford Bunn, 4th 44 Dave Dollin, 5th 8 Peter Dorrell, 6th 15 Marc de Land, 7th 17 Jack Hodges, 8th 37 Tony Smith