16 September 2012, Aldershot Raceway
Bill Boarer Memorial

Defending Bill Boarer shield holder Jonathan Pooley was not at the meeting as he was on his honey moon so there was going to be a new name on the trophy.

Neil Clarke was the early leader of race one from the yellow grade, then came a pack of Blues lead by Pete Dorrell and Andrew Bilby, Marc de land was next from Tony Smith and Dave Dollin. Back in the red and Cliff Bunn was breaking away from the rest as Dave Bonser had a little under steer which was making it hard for Gordon Pooley to find a way pass, Tom Keep was just ahead of Daniel Pooley. Peter Perry and Peter Bourne who started at the rear of the field was starting to get up to pace.

By lap 7 Pete Dorrell was leading from Marc de Land, Neil Clarke and Andrew Bilby had a little coming together with Neil spinning out, The two leaders were slowly being caught by Dave Dollin

And by the half distance mark it was a three way battle. Peter Bourne spun on the pit bend just as the leaders were side by side, de Land just missed the rear of both Dorrells and Bournes cars. Cliff Bunn was now also starting to close in on the leaders though he had Gordon very close behind, Tony Smith started to have some engine trouble in the latter stages of the race, Daniel Pooley who was driving Jonathans car for the day was not challenging like he normally does. With five to go de Land got along side Pete on the home straight and just got his nose in front but as the came upon a back marker who took the wider line Marc found him self boxed and Dave Dollin took up second dropping car 15 to third, But there was getting pass Pete as he went on to take the first race of the day.

Heat 1 - 8 Peter Dorrell, 44, 15, 33, 46, 23, 32, 10, 77, 99.

Neil Clarke was once again the early leader in race two. Andrew Bilby got ahead of Marc de Land who could not find second gear this allowed Dave Dollin through in the inside, Pete Dorrell had a look but Marc managed to close the door. Dave Bonser seemed to have sorted some of his under steer as he found his way pass Cliff Bunn, Gordon got ahead of Tom Keep with Daniel a few car length behind, then came the new comers of Peter Bourne and Peter Perry.

Lap 5 and Neil was still leading from Dave Dollin, then there was a gap to Andrew Bilby who had Marc de Land all over him, but as these to were battling away Dave Bonser and Cliff Bunn closed in fast, with Dave taking Pete Dorrell on turn one. A couple of laps later and Andrew left the door open and de Land was through on the inside, Bonser tried to follow through on the next bend and banged wheels just to let Andrew know he was there and moved up to fourth on the back straight. By Lap 10 the fist four were all together with Dave Dollin trying his luck on the outside of Neil Clarke of turn three/ four making it stick and taking up the lead on the home straight, Dave Bonser boxed Marc de Land behind Neil and took both cars for second place, for the next four laps Marc was on the out side of Neil trying to get by, now Andrew Bilby and the chasing pack were all bunched up, Daniel came from the back of this pack and found himself behind de Land who now had just got clear of the 77 car. The two leaders were well out in front, Tom Keep tried a move on the inside of Cliff Bunn going through turns one/two and they both got tangled up and out of the race. Dave Bonser got it all side ways exiting the pit turn in a bid to catch Dollin but ended up loosing time. On the last lap and Daniel Pooley tried his luck passing de Land but to no avail, But the win went Dave Dollin.

Heat 2 - 44 David Dollin, 10, 15, 32, 33, 77, 8, 16, NOF.

Neil Clarke had to retire before the start of the Bill Boarer trophy with a broken driveshaft, so the blue graded cars were moved to the start finish line and the reds moved forward. So at the Flag Marc de Land got ahead of Andrew Bilby, Dave Dollin was pass Pete Dorrell and was all over the rear of the no 16 car down the back straight. Dave Bonser was the leading red graded car from Gordon Pooley Cliff Bunn Tom Keep and Daniel Pooley. Peter Perry brought up the rear as he was getting use to racing again.

Lap 6 and Gordon Pooley boxed Dave Bonser behind Pete Dorrell going into the pit bend to take both cars on the exit, then no 10 car came out a little to wide in a bid to pass Dorrell on turn two and bounced of the wall this aloud Tom Keep to close right in. On the home straight Pete Dorrell lost his neck brace as it bounced on to the track, as a safty measure the yellow fage came out and the safety car deployed while it was collected, so that long lead Marc had built up had now gone, so onto the rolling restart and Marc again made a good start but Dave was staying close by, Andrew Bilby was next up but Gordon Pooley took that place a two laps later, Pete Dorrel was in fifth place ahead of Tom Keep. The two leaders were having a good tussel , as de Land would pull away on the exits but Dollin would close right in on braking, Gordon was now slowly catching these pair when de Land got caught out as to where the back marker was going this aloud Dollin a big chance as all three went into the pit turn Peter Perry found him self in a spin and was across the track, Both the two leader to avoiding action but this brought out the safety car for the second time, On the restart Marc again made a good break but this time Dave had Gordon Pooleys and Tom Keep not to far behind, Tom was putting Gordon up some pressure in the closing stages and with three to go the first four were all together, Marc was just keeping it tidy, Dave was ready to pounce if there was a mistake up front as Tom was with Gordon, and on the last lap of the pit turn Tom got along side Gordon but could not make it stick on the exit, Marc de Land took the race and making it a hat trick of blue graded drivers to take the third win of the day. And a new name on the Bill Boarer Shield.

Bill Boarer Trophy - 15 Marc de-Land, 44 David Dollin, 33 Gordon Pooley, 46, 16, 10, 32, 8, 23, NOF.