Birmingham Wheels 1st September British Championship

Current British Champion Chris Neal could not defend his title tonight after blowing his gearbox in the afternoon practice session. This season has not gone well for Chris as one thing after another has gone wrong for him. We hope to see you back again soon. Neal Clarke was another casualty during practice as his drive shaft broke and that put him out of the evenings racing.

Race 1 Championship race

Pete Dorrell and Daz Rycroft were on the front row and it was Daz who took up the lead going into turn one, Marc de Land managed to get pass Pete for second place which became first when Daz spun out on the exit of turn two, Tom Keep was now up to third and having a good tussle with Pete for many laps and all the time de Land was slowly pulling away, Dave Dollin was fourth with Dave Bonser Cliff Bunn close behind, Then came from Daniel Pooley Andrew Bilby and Steve Young, Daz had managed to re pass Tony Smith to move up to 10th , Jonathan Pooley took Mark Hodges with Gordon Clarke not far behind.

On lap 5 Pete was still holding on to second with Tom really pressuring the no 8 car, Daniel Pooley had now moved up to 5th after passing Dave Bonser, Jonathan was now moving up through the field lining him self up to pass Cliff Bunns car on the home straight for 7th place. Tom managed to get pass Pete on lap 7, Dave Dollin had his hand full as he tried to find his way pass Pete but that gave Daniel a chance to take them both, Dave tried to closed door but Daniel had got his nose there and put Dave out to dry and then drove around the out side of Pete, Jonathan was inches off the rear of Daniel car as the both moved up a place, going down the back straight Daniel stayed wide to let Jonathan through to close down on the two leaders, talking of which Tom Keep was now closing in on Marc de Land who was just starting to have some over steer issues.

Pete Dorrell was still in 5th place though he had Dave Dollin and Dave Bonser to the left and right of him and Cliff Bunn was ready to pounce if the chance came his way. Dave Dollin was late on the brakes going into turn three and that was enough to get just ahead coming on the home straight so all the pressure finally paid off as he pulled clear of the no 8 car, Now could Dave Bonser do the same as the laps were clicking down.

With 4 to go back marker were to play there part as de Land was struggling with the rear end and a gaggle of cars that were having there own battles both Tom Keep and Jonathan Pooley was soon on his tail, As Marc went to pass Mark Hodges he went a little wider that he wanted this aloud Jonathan to get on the inside down the back straight, Marc braked later going into turn three to stay ahead but then lost traction on the exit to allow Jonathan Pass and into the lead, Now Tom Keep was all over the rear of the 15 car and with two to go the back end of Marc`s car let go on the pit turn nearly taking him self and Tom Keep out but they both managed to miss each other this now let Daniel join the party, Tom took Marc on the Home straight and Daniel tapped his way pass on turn one/two to move up to third, Jonathan took the win to re-gain the title he won two years ago.



1/J.Pooley 2/T.Keep 3/D.Pooley 4/D.Dollin 5/D.Bonser 6/P.Dorrell 7/C.Bunn 8/S.Young

Race 2

Daz Rycroft was into turn one first ahead of Pete Dorrell and Gordon Clarke, Tom Keep got by Dave Dollin going into turn one But gave it back to Dave in turns three and four when he went wide, then it was Tony Smith a few car lengths back, Dave Bonser was the leading red grade car from Cliff Bunn Andrew Bilby Mark Hodges Daniel Pooley Steve Young and Jonathan Pooley.

By lap three the first four were all together and Dave took Daz down the back straight by getting on his inside, and Tom did the same on the home straight to take third. Daz seemed to be having some trouble as he was soon caught and pass by Tony Smith and Dave Bonser, Pete and Tom was side by side for two or three laps with Tom taking up the lead on lap 8 and pulling away from Pete who was still driving well and holding on to his second place,

With five to go Daz retired to the infield with engine trouble, Pete was still second with Dave Dollin Dave Bonser and Daniel Pooley all together, Daniel took D. Bonser for fourth place with two to go but there was no way past Pete. So Tom Keep took the win well done to him on a fine drive


1/T.Keep 2/P.Dorrell 3/D.Dollin 4.D.Pooley 5/D.Bonser 6/C.Bunn 7/M.Hodges 8/T.Smith

Heat 2

For heat two only Gordon Clarke made it out in the yellow graded cars so it was he who took up the lead, he was being chased down by Dave Dollin. Tony Smith and Tom Keep from the Blue grade, the first of the red graded cars was Cliff Bunn followed by Dave Bonser Andrew Bilby Mark Hodges Steve Young and the Pooley brothers Daniel and Jonathan.

By lap 7 Dave was leading from Tom Keep these two had pulled a bit of a lead on the rest of the field, then it was Cliff Bunn who was starting to get back on form with Dave Bonser very close behind, Gordon Clarke was slowly starting to get to grips with his car and was still in fifth place behind Tony Smith. Cliff went wide on the pit turn this aloud Dave Bonser through, now Jonathan was closing in fast and two laps later took Cliff for fourth, With now only four laps to go and Jonathan had been on the out side of Dave for the last two laps could he find away past? Well on the exit of turn four he did just that powered his way past and up to third, With two to go and most of the cars spaced out around the track the only battle was between Dave Bonser Cliff Bunn and Daniel Pooley with the latter taking fifth place on the line dropping cliff to sixth. Another good evenings racing put on by the boys, Next stop Aldershot at the Rushmore Arena.


1/D.Dollin 2/T.Keep 3/J.Pooley 4/D.Bonser 5/D.Pooly 6/C.Bunn 7/T.Smith 8/M. Hodges