Saturday 3rd November, Birmingham
I Factor Finals

Race 1. Daz Rycroft, who was borrowing Daniel Pooley's car for the evening, took up the lead from Neil Clarke and was soon opening up a lead, Darren Clarke was the first of the blue graded cars with Dave Bonser and Pete Dorrell not far behind, Marc de Land was the first red graded car with Gordon Pooley for close company, Dave Dollin was next up with Jonathan Pooley along side, Cliff Bunn was trying out his new car the x Luke Retchless VW so started at the rear of the field along with new comer Jack Hodges who was using his dads car for the evening.

Lap two and the battle of the Clarkes took place with Darren eventually finding his way round Neil, Dave Bonser took up third the next lap, Marc de Land lost out to both Pooleys on the same lap, Dave Dollin was not going as well as he normally does and seemed a bit of the pass in the early stages. Young Jack Hodges was doing well in his first race to stay ahead of Cliff Bunn.

Lap 10 and Daz was still leading with a gap to Darren Clarke, then came Dave Bonser from Gordon and Jonathan with now Marc de Land and Dave Dollin all nose to tail, coming to the end of the home straight they caught up to a back marker, Dave Bonser found himself boxed in by Jonathan, Gordon then went wide allowing Marc to take both Gordon and Dave Bonser, Dave Dollin took up Bonser place when again the gremlins caused a problem with the no 10 machine. Pete Dorrell had slipped down to 7th but was staying in touch the Dave Dollin. With two to go and the first four were all together, Daz was keeping Jonathan behind Darren Clarke went wide in turn one and de Land was through to third at the flag the first six were all in a line with Daz taking a long overdue win.

1/D.Rycroft 2/J.Pooley 3/ Land 4/D.Clarke 5/G.Pooley 6/D.Dollin 7/P.Dorrell 8/N.Clarke

Race 2. Daz Rycroft was first into turn one from Neil Clarke, Darren Clarke made a quick start and was soon pulling clear of Pete Dorrell and Dave Bonser, Marc de Land was just managing to keep Gordon Pooley at bay, By lap 2 Darren had past Neil Clarke with Dave Bonser taking Neil on the home straight to move up to third. Gordon was going well and was soon Past Marc and Pete Dorrell and closing in on Darren Clarke who had slipped down one place due to a Dave Bonser pass. Jonathan was now up to fourth place on lap 6 and looking for third, Two laps after taking the lead Dave Bonser retired with a blown engine, Marc de Land also pulled off with handling issue and a misfire, Gordon took up the lead from Daz Rycroft and Jonathan Pooley third, Caution flag came out when Cliff Bunn had a visit to the fence, on the rolling restart it was Gordon who lead from Jonathan these to put on a good show as they battled for the win, Jonathan could get along side but slipped back on the bends, and at the flag it was Gordon who took the win by a cars length,

1/G.Pooley 2/J.Pooley 3/D.Dollin 4. 5/D.Rycroft 6/P.Dorrell 7/N.Clarke 8/J.Hodges

Final. With the cars lined up side by side with top I factor points score on pole that being Jonathan Pooley, and it was him who lead into the first corner from Gordon Pooley then came Dave Dollin who lost a place of the front row with a bad start, Darren Clarke was in fourth from Daz Rycroft, Pete Dorrell was ahead of Neil Clarke who had young Jack Hodges for company going through turn one/two, with the new comer showing he could mix it with the more experienced drivers, Darren Clarke retired his car on lap 4 right rear puncture, But out in front Jonathan Pooley was keeping a steady gap between him self and father Gordon, Dave Dollin was just starting to make in roads after his bad start.

Lap 12 and after chasing Neil Clarke for all of those laps Jack managed to find a way pass going into turn one by slipping up on the inside as Neil went wide, Two laps later and Pete Dorrell caught Daz Rycroft and passed him on the pit turn to take up fourth. For the remainder of the race there was a bit of stale mate as the cars got spread out, Jonathan was controlling his lead as Gordon was over Dave in third, these three had lapped the field by the end of the race, But it was Jonathan Pooley who made it a hat trick of I Factor finals.

1/J.Pooley 2/G.Pooley 3/D.Dollin 4/P.Dorrell 5/D.Rycroft 6/J.Hodges 7/N.Clarke 8/C.Bunn