Yarmouth 27th May, East of England Championship
Report by Marc de Land

In race one Dave Bonser took up the lead from Neil Clarke and Tony Smith, then in the blue grade came Mark Hodges followed by Steve Young Dave Barry Daz Rycroft went wide and allowed Darren Clarke trough then it was Steve Dawson, Starting on the front row of the reds Gordon Pooley soon pulled clear of Andrew Bilby. Daniel Pooley retired on lap two with a broken driveshaft that allowed Dave Dollin Cliff Bunn Jonathan Pooley and bringing up the rear Marc de Land. Lap 4 and Steve Dawson was going well as he past Darren Clarke on the pit turn, next in his sights was Dave Barry and taking the out side line going into turn one it was looking as though he would be passing the no 6 car down the back straight, But on the exit of turn two Just like what happened at Birmingham at the last meeting the rear end started to spin out and putting Steves front end in line with Darren Clarke who had nowhere to go apart from spinning Steve back around and into the fencing, damaging the rear suspension and gearbox. A full course yellow came out and the good size lead Dave Bonser had was now just a car length behind the control car. On the rolling restart Dave took off leaving Neil Clarke behind, Tony Smith got past by Mark Hodges to take up third spot and the following lap took second of Neil, Gordon Pooley was now up to fifth spot after passing Dave Barry.

Just over half distance and Neil Clarke had a moment when going into the pit turn he had suspension failier and spun him self around in a 360 in front of the chasing pack as they all took avoiding action going either side of the stricken 77 car. Another rolling restart after Neil`s car was cleared from the track. On the restart Dave again got away but Mark Hodges was under pressure from Gordon Pooley and going down the back straight lined him self up and drove around the out side of the no 5 car as though he was on rails, now could he do any thing about the leader who was driving well. As the laps ticked down the gap didn't close, Jonathan Pooley passed Hodges for third just before Dave Barry and Dave Dollin had a coming together on turn one just in front of the leaders and, as there was only a lap to go, the race was stopped and results counted from that lap.

1/D.Bonser 2/G.Pooley 3/J.Pooley 4/M.Hodges 5/ T.Smith 6/D.Rycroft 7/A.Bilby 8/C.Bunn

Race 2

Dave Bonser took up the lead this time from Tony Smith, Mark Hodges was third, next was Dave Barry Daz Rycroft and Steve Young. Again Gordon Pooley was the leading red grade car from Andrew Bilby and Cliff Bunn, Marc de Land was next with Jonathan Pooley close behind.

Lap 5 and no change of positions well that was until Dave Barry retired from fourth place when his engine went to three cylinders, then Gordon Pooley took Daz Rycroft and Steve Young and found himself in fourth place, by lap 9 Gordon had now up with Mark and Tony who were battling over second place and it took Mark a couple of laps to find a way pass and then on the pit turn Tony came back and retook second, and then Mark seemed to slow and let Gordon pass going into turn three and slipped in behind the no 33 car, Gordon took Tony on the home straight. Daz Rycroft Retire to the infield, this allowed Jonathan Pooley to move up to 5th . Marc de Land tried to take Cliff Bunn around the outside on the pit turn but instead ended up on the infield after the back end let go and decided to call it a day, But one man who was not was Dave Bonser who had drove well to take his second win of the evening,

1/D.Bonser 2/G.Pooley 3/T.Smith 4/J.Pooley 5/M.Hodges 6/ S.Young 7/C.Bunn 8/A.Bilby

Final ( East of England Championship)

Neil Clarke was first away with Tony Smith second Dave Bonser got on the inside of Tony exiting turn two and moved up a position by the end of the lap. Neil was next up and coming out of turn four the no 10 machine powered pass Mr Clarke for the lead, The two remaining Pooley cars were together with Gordon ahead of Jonathan, they came upon Darren Clarke who had got his car repaired after the incident from race one but he stayed out of there way as both cars past, Just as Mark Hodges started to line him self up to pass Tony Smith, Tony lost control slightly and Mark braked to miss the rear end and this let Steve Young nip up on the inside to take fourth, Gordon let Jonathan pass on the inside of turn 4 but the no 31 car was just starting to blow a little smoke. With Neil holding onto second (just) Tony had Jonathan all over the back of him, Steve Young and Gordon Got a little tangled up going into the pit turn with Gordon coming out on top, Jonathan moved up to second and a lap later Gordon was through to third, But way out front and clocking up some quick lap times was Dave Bonser, A great drive and a new name on the east of England trophy, the first time in 6 years that the Pooley name was not on the trophy though it was a x Pooley car so making it a 1 2 3 for Pooley cars.

1/D.Bonser 2/J.Pooley 3/G.Pooley 4/S.Young 5/M.Hodges 6/A.Bilby 7/C.Bunn 8/ N.Clarke