Northampton 24th June, June Cochrane Trophy

Neil Clarke took up the lead from Tom Keep in the Cheetah followed by Steve Young, Dave Barry and Tony Smith. Dave slid out of contention on lap two as Tony managed to find away past Steve Young. Steve Dawson was the first of the blue graded cars with Daz Ryroft trying to fend of Mark Hodges but on lap three he was past. Pete Dorrell had Andrew Bilby and Darren Clarke close behind as the cars went into turn three on lap three, but Pete was managing to keep them there. On lap 10 Mark Hodges had now moved up to second with Tony Smith in third, Daz had managed to put him self in a broadside slide on turn three and four allowing Marc de Land and a very close Daniel Pooley to pass. Gordon Pooley was all over the rear of no 23 Cliff Bunn and on lap twelve was past to move up to 7th.

Marc de land was stuck behind Steve Dawson and as he went to the outside Daniel slipped to Marc`s inside and going into turn one Daniel hung Marc out to dry and was past. Lap 18 and Gordon got by Daz and the next lap tried to take Marc going into turn three and the gap closed and the two cars just touched putting Gordon on the rumble strips and out of the race, with only one to go Mark Hodges was out in front with Tom Keep about 10 car lengths back But all the action was with Steve Dawson and Daniel Pooley as the pair were side by side down the back straight. Daniel was on the outside and just got ahead going into turn three as the pair battled for position Steve`s rear wheel touched Daniel's wheel and then what seemed like slow motion Steve went up and over the top of Daniels car landing on its nose and then landing on its side, an instant red flag was waved and all the cars stopped straight away. Steve got out of his car to a round of applause from the crowd, the race was declared with Mark Hodges taking the win.

Race one: 1st Mark Hodges, 2nd Tom Keep, 3rd Marc de Land, 4th Daz Rycroft, 5th Cliff Bunn, 6th Darren Clark, 7th Andrew Bilby, 8th Steve Young, 9th Neil Clarke, 10th Dave Barry , 11th Dave Bonser, 12th Peter Dorrell

Heat one

Tom Keep was first in to turn one ahead of Steve Young, Dave Barry passed Steve on lap 2 as the Gremlins came back to haunt Steve as he dropped down through the field ending up in 15th by the end of lap 4, In-form Mark Hodges was now up to third after making a pass on Tony Smith with Pete Dorrell a few car lengths behind. Marc de Land was now up to fourth on lap 6 with Gordon Pooley close behind , Three driver struggling today were all together further down the field, with Dave Bonsa ahead of Andrew Bilby and Cliff Bunn, though on lap 10 when challenging Darren Clarke slid wide and that allowed Andrew and Cliff pass, but these four stayed together till the end of the race, But back up front Tom Keep was keeping a length of the straight lead over Now Mark Hodges and Marc de Land as they both pass Dave Barry with them going either side of the no 6 car on exiting turn two, with only 4 to run the two Mark`s battled it out with Marc d trying the inner and outer lines to get pass Mark H but could not find away pass, so the win went to Tom Keep who drove well to take his second win in as many meetings.

Race two: 1st Tom Keep, 2nd Mark Hodges, 3rd Marc de Land, 4th Gordon Pooley, 5th Jonathan Pooley, 6th Dave Barry, 7th Daniel Pooley, 8th Tony Smith, 9th Peter Dorrell, 10th Darren Clark, 11th Andrew Bilby, 12th Cliff Bunn, 13th Daz Rycroft, 14th Steve Young, 15th Dave Bonser

Heat 2

With no Tom Keep making it out for race three it was Dave Barry who took up the lead from Steve Young Tony Smith Darren Clarke Daz Rycroft then Mark Hodges who pass Daz on the exit of turn two and by lap four was up to second and set about on closing the gap to Dave Barry. Mark de Land had caught up with the Pete Dorrell and Daz Rycroft battle and could not afford to be held up with the trio of Pooley cars right on his tail, Daz was on the out side of Pete when exiting turn two the cars just touched wheels sending Daz towards the infield Marc then managed to pass Pete but the no 69 car of Daz came into turn three a little to quick and took Marc out wide as he avoided a coming together this allowed Jonathan Pooley to take these two and also Andrew Bilby on the home straight, Lap 7 and Mark Hodges took the lead from Dave Barry then on lap 10 Jonathan passed and could see Mark entering turn one as he exited turn four, the chase was on. As the laps ticked down the gap was closing fast and on lap 12 Jonathan took the GP Midgets laps record for Northampton, and now was only a car length behind, further back Gordon had caught Dave Barry but was finding it hard going to get pass this allowed Daniel to close in, on the last lap at the end of the back straight Gordon was passing Dave on the inside when the gap closed and the two cars ended up in the fencing handing Daniel third place,

Mark Hodges managed to make his car wide enough for the last two laps to keep Jonathan at bay to take another win.

Race three: 1st Mark Hodges, 2nd Jonathan Pooley, 3rd Daniel Pooley, 4th Darren Clark, 5th Cliff Bunn, 6th Tony Smith, 7th Daz Rycroft, 8th Andrew Bilby, 9th Peter Dorrell, 10th Steve Young.