Derek Kisby Trophy
Yarmouth, 22nd July

Race 1.

Pete Dorrell made a great start to get ahead of Daz Rycroft going into turn one, But the red flags came out as Dave Dollin had a stranded car after his driveshaft broke at the start blocking part of the track, so at the restart Daz gave a bit more of a challenge to Pete but the no 8 car past Daz going down the back straight to take up the lead, Tony smith was pulling clear of Andrew Bilby in the VW powered car, Gordon Pooley was the first of the star graded cars to come through and he was up with Daz and Andrew on lap 6 with Jonathan Pooley a few car lengths back then came Steve Young Cliff Bunn and Dave Bonser.

Gordon went to pass Andrew on the out side exiting turn two Daz was just in front and not going as quick this aloud Andre to re-pass also Jonathan took advantage and passed both cars going into turn three.

QWith 5 to go Pete was still out front with Jonathan closing in fast, then came Tony Smith with Gordon Pooley around the outside Andrew was next with Daz just behind then a gap to Steve Young and Cliff Bunn, Dave Bonser had retired to the infield, With two to go Jonathan was all over the rear of Petes car going through turns one / two Jonathan went to pass on the out side but Pete had a little under steer and that stopped that move, next lap and this time no 31 was along side exiting turn two and down the back straight just getting his nose infront going into the pit turn, on the exit it was a drag race to the flag with Jonathan just taking it by about a foot. Good racing.

Race one: 1st Jonathan Pooley, 2nd Peter Dorrell, 3rd Gordon Pooley, 4th Steve Young, 5th Andrew Bilby, 6th Clifford Bunn, 7th Tony Smith, 8th Daz Rycroft, 9th Dave Bonser.

As in heat one Pet Dorrell made another great start in the next race to power round the out side of Daz Rycroft at the start, Tony Smith was pulling clear of Andre Bilby and Dave Bonser, Cliff Bunn was doing his best to hold of Daniel Pooley coming onto the home straight, but with powder down from a fluid leak from previous race Daniel had all over his tyres and slid wide going into turn one allowing Jonathan up one place and challenge Cliff for his positionwhich he took on the next lap. Dave Bonser retired again with engine trouble,

Lap 8 and Andrew still could not find away pass Tony Smith who was driving well, but while these two were battling it out Pete Dorrell was pulling away and Jonathan Pooley was closing in, and with 5 to go it was a four car battle for second Jonathan managed to box Andrew behind Tony and drive around the out side of them over two laps then came Daniel who did the same to Andrew, Steve Young who had a quite race was now up to sixth and made that fourth with a lap to go, But the win went to Pete Dorrell and a well deserved win to after the up and down season he was having. Congratulations Pete

Race two: 1st Peter Dorrell, 2nd Jonathan Pooley, 3rd Daniel Pooley, 4th Steve Young, 5th Andrew Bilby, 6th Tony Smith, 7th Clifford Bunn, 8th Daz Rycroft, 9th Dave Bonser.

Daz Rycroft made the better start in the final and took up the lead from Pete Dorrell but going down the back straight Daz left the door open on his inside and Pete took his chance and moved up into the lead, Gordon Pooley retired with cylinder head trouble, Tony Smith was again pulling clear of the other blue grade drivers while at the back of the field the Pooley family was trying to get a wiggle on as he was not wanting Pete to get to much of a lead, but first they had to pass Cliff Bunn and Steve Young, and they made light work of doing that by passing them both by the end of lap one.

Tony Smith was up to second by lap four with Andrew Bilby just behind, Jonathan Pooley was giving his brother a hard time trying to find away pass Daniel, and the chance came when they came upon Daz who stayed on the out side line to keep out of the way but that's where Daniel wanted to go and this allowed Jonathan to take both cars on the inside, Dan tried to fight back on the home straight but Jonathan was to wise for that move.

Pete`s lead was slowly shrinking as the two Pooley cars started to eat into his lead, Tont Smith made a mistake on the pit turn and went out wide this gave Steve Young the chance he wanted and dived up on the inside to take up fourth place Andrew followed him through to take fifth, Jonathan was now all over the rear of the no 8 car of Pete Dorrell he tried to make a move to the out side but was blocked of by Daz Rycroft now Daniel had caught the two leaders to make it a three way battle, for three laps Jonathan was on the out side of Pete and managed to get by going into turn one, Now Daniel was trying to make a pass going from the inside to the out but Pete was keeping his line, then on the exit of turn two Daniel got the power down a bit before Pete and the front on the 32 car went under the rear of Petes car and spun him out , Not a happy Pete was stranded on the infield, Jonathan went on to take the win. Daniel was disqualified for that incident and that promoted Steve Young to second and Andrew Bilby to third. The trophy were presented to the drivers by the Kisby family Many thanks to them for there support over the years.

Derek Kisby Trophy: 1st Jonathan Pooley, 2nd Steve Young, 3rd Andrew Bilby, 4th Clifford Bunn, 5th Daz Rycroft, 6th Tony Smith, 7th Peter Dorrell, 8th Dave Bonser.