Dorrell Flooring Trophy
Birmingham, Saturday 11 August

Yet again a good turn out of cars made it to Wheels raceway, Good to see no 47 Peter Bourn out in the old BMC powered car also 88 Gordon Clark behind the wheel of Darren Clarkes car for the night, Talking of Clarke Mr Neil Clarke in car 77 just managed to make it to wheels after having problems with his new engine.

Race 1

Daz Rycroft was first in to turn one from Chris Neal who was down to yellow grade after a long run of bad luck then came Jeremy Bouckley in car 11, Marc de Land another driver down graded after a poor showing in Scotland was the first of the Blue graded cars with Dave Bonser all over his rear then it was Pete Dorrell Dave Dollin and Tony Smith in car 37. Cliff Bunn was the leading Red graded car from Andrew Bilby - Gordon - Daniel and Jonathan Pooley Steve Young tucked in just behind, Gordon Clarke elected to start at the rear.

By lap 4 Chris Neal was the leader from Daz Rycroft, Jeremy was staying up with the leaders though now he had Dave Bonser all over him, Pete Dorrell was up to 5th with Dave Dollin very close behind, de Land had now fallen into the clutches of Gordon Pooley and the rest of the field over the next few laps as the inside rear tyre went flat. Jonathan Pooley had a very rare retirement as he pulled of to the infield on lap 7. Dave Bonser was meaning business as he got pass Jeremy then muscled his way pass Daz on the exit of turn 4, next up was the leader Chris Neal who had a few car lengths in hand, Gordon Pooley had now joined this train of car and was laying in sixth. Five to go and Dave took up the lead at the end of the home straight, Gordon was all over Dave Dollin and the next lap managed to pass and took Jeremy at the same time to take up 4th. Daniel Pooley had now managed get past Pete Dorrell to take up 7th. Cliff Bunn, Steve Young and Andrew Bilby were all struggling further down the field,

So Dave Bonser took the first win of the evening with Chris Neal second and Daz Rycroft third.


1/D.Bonser 2/C.Neal 3/D.Rycroft 4/G.Pooley 5/D.Dollin 6/J.Bouckley 7/D.Pooley 8/P.Dorrell

Race 2

Once again Daz made a good start from Jeremy Bouckley and Chris Neal, Chris was challenging Jeremy all down the back straight but the no 11 car was holding firm, Marc de Land also made a good start again from the blues and going well for the first three or four laps but with the car still not handling on the exit of the bends was caught and pass by the remainder of the field. But there was no such worries for Dave Bonser who was once again flying and it was not long before he was up with Jeremy and trying to take third place. Gordon Pooley was the leading red grade car with his two boys just behind, there was a gap then to Cliff Bunn, Steve Young and Andrew Bilby. Cliff retiring to the infield on the next lap.

Lap six and Daz had pulled out a bit of a lead with Jeremy and Chris and Dave were having there own battle with Dave coming out on top taking both cars on the same lap, Dave Dollin was fifth and de Land was just about to be taking by Gordon and Jonathan Pooley, Lap ten and Daz was still out front though Dave was now only a few car lengths behind, Gordon and Jeremy got a little tangled up with Jeremy going for a spin on the exit of turn four. But all the attention was at the front as Dave was now up with Daz and challenging him all the way, No 10 moved to the out side and the cars were side by side for three laps with Dave just getting ahead at the end of the straight but Daz coming back on the turns, on the last laps going through turns three and four Dave stayed along side Daz and got the power down wand at the line he took the win by about a foot, great drive by both drivers.


1/D.Bonser 2/D.Rycroft 3/J.Pooley 4.D.Pooley 5/G.Pooley 6/D.Dollin 7/C.Neal 8/S.Young

Dorrell Flooring Challenge.

For the third time of the evening Mr Rycroft was the man who took up the lead from Chris Neal and Jeremy Bouckley, next up was Marc de Land in the SRV from Pete Dorrell, Dave Dollin made a mare of a start and was soon taken by Tony Smith and Dave Bonser. Gordon Pooley was on the inside of Andrew Bilby and took that place going into turn one, then came Daniel Pooley from Cliff Bunn and Steve Young he was followed by Jonathan Pooley , Gordon Clarke and Neil Clarke who had decided to run his new engine in and started at the rear of the field.

By lap 5 Daz got a little out of shape exiting turn four this allowed Chris to dive up on the inside and take up the lead, Marc de Land had managed to pass his first car of the evening and that was Jeremy Bouckley for third place, Jonathan Pooley had got pass Gordon and Daniel next up was Tony Smith who was having a very quiet evening also Dave Dollin and Pete Dorrell . Exiting turn two Daz went a little side ways this allowed de Land through to second, it later turned out the throttle had stuck open and that's what put Daz into the slide and into the clutches of the chasing pack, on laps 7/8 Marc de Land was with Chris Neal trying to outside then cutting back to the inside trying to find away pass and he managed that going into lap 9 to take up the lead, Dave Bonser was third and Jonathan Pooley fourth, With 5 to go Dave had caught Chris just as Chris went wide this made to move pass straight forward, though Dave did have a slight problem his side pod had come loose and was dragging on the track, Chris still trying to get his place back once again had bad luck as the pod came of Daves car and Chris went over it damaging the steering on the no 74 car and he pulled off to the infield well gutted, this moved Jonathan up to third place, 3 to go and back markers were playing a part this slowed Marc up a little and Dave Bonser on for a hat trick closed in some more, But then Dave was held up a bit in trying to find his way pass these cars and de Land by then had pulled enough clear to take the win, though Andrew Bilby gave him a fright as he spun across the no 15 car on the exit of turn four but they manage to miss each other. Daz Rycroft pulled off to the infield on the last lap while laying in 7th.

At the presentation Pete Dorrell and his family who was over from New Zealand handed out the trophies.


1/ Land 2/D.Bonser 3/J.Pooley 4/G.Pooley 5/D.Pooley 6/D.Dollin 7/J.Bouckley 8/T.Smith