Rycroft Plumbing Trophy
Birmingham Wheels, 7th April

A good turn out for the second meeting of the season. Dave Bonser was back this time in the Vauxhall Van Diemen, and the car has the look of the Vodafone McLaren Mercedes. Also making his debut was Craig Walters who had purchased the BMC Bullitt of Leon Retchless over the Winter.

In race 1 Neil Clarke got the jump on Dave Dollin from the yellow grade at the start to take up the lead, Cliff Bunn was going well from the blue grade and soon pulled clear of Darren Clarke and Steve Young. Daz Rycroft was starting silver grade and rear of the field as he was top points scorer going into this meeting but it would seem the handling problem was back as he spun out on lap 2.

By lap 4 Gordon Pooley was going great guns and his new car was loving the Birmingham raceway, Gordon took Steve Young and Darren Clarke at the end of the home straight going three wide into turn one, Tom Keep was not a happy man when he had to retire on lap 6, the most laps he has managed to do in the cheetah, but once he gets it right he will be a quick driver, also Daz Rycroft went out on the same lap in a puff of steam as his head gasket let go. Neil was still leading with Dave Dollin right behind but they both had Cliff Bunn for company and was determined to get pass and take up the lead and by lap 8 it was Cliff leading and now Gordon Pooley was up to third and pressing Dave for second but while that was going on Cliff was pulling away. Jonathan Pooley was slowly making his was through the field and was now up to fourth. With 3 to go Chris Neal retired to the infield with a blown water pump gasket , but had left a trail of water on the track just as Gordon had court Cliff , this slowed the cars a little and on the last lap Gordon was passed by Jonathan for second,

1/C.Bunn 2/J.Pooley 3/G.Pooley 4/D.Pooley 5/D.Clarke 6/M.deLand 7/D.Dollin 8/S.Young

On to Race 2. Dave Dollin got ahead of Neil Clarke at the start with Dave Bonser tucking in behind, further back Gordon Pooley was closing in on the blue grade cars and when Cliff Bunn saw the red Scorpian closing in he made a move pass Steve Young and then Darren Clarke a lap later, back in the red grade Daniel Pooley was finding it hard going in trying to find a way pass Andrew Bilby who knows just where to put his car to make other drivers work hard to pass him, right behind Daniel was Jonathan Pooley Chris Neal and brining up the rear Marc de Land.

Lap 6 coming out of turn 4 and on to the home straight Neil Clarke's car decided to spin him side ways and Neil ended up facing the fence just before the start finish line, just seconds later the chasing pack of red grade driver exited turn four Andrew Bilby and Jonathan Pooley leading the pack took avoiding action Chris Neal who was unsighted until two car lengths from Neils car tried to swerve but hit the rear wheel of no 77 and spun him round again. The race was stopped while Chris was helped from his car, both drivers were ok, but it could not be said about there cars.

On the restart behind the pace car Dave Dollin was the leader with Cliff Bunn and Daniel Pooley close behind, Gordon retired to the infield this allowed Andrew Bilby to move up a place though it was short lived as Jonathan moved up to fourth by the end of the lap, on the last lap Daniel managed to get pass Dave Dollin who had put up a great battle, and Jonathan closed in on Cliff for the lead but the chequer flag came out on no23 Cliff Bunn for the second time of the evening.

1/C.Bunn 2/J.Pooley 3/D.Pooley 4.D.Dollin 5/A.Bilby 6/M.deLand 7/S.Young 8/D.Bonser

The final was for the Rycroft Plumbing Trophy. For the first lap Dave Bonser and Dave Dollin were side by side from the start with Dollin eventually getting the lead, Darren Clarke was just managing to keep Cliff behind him and Steve Young was falling back into the grasp of Gordon Pooley from the red grade, Craig Walter was the first retirement as his frustrating evening came to a close, Marc de Land had managed to pass Daniel Pooley at the start and quickly got pass Andrew Bilby before he got his tyres temp up to working order, On lap 6 Dave Bonser spun out in front of Marc de Land and found himself on the inside rumble strips. Jonathan was soon up to fifth spot and that was as high as he got as his driveshaft broke going through turns 1-2 and retired to the infield, at the same time Gordon was moving up to second place and set about catching the leader and two laps later had done and past Dave for the lead. Daniel Pooley got past Darren Clarke and started to close on Marc de Land who was not having one of his better meeting with a ill handling car but a lap later that challenge was over Daniel had rear suspension trouble and retired his car, as most of the cars were spred out only de Land closed in and passed Dave Dollin on the last but one lap to clinch third spot, But for the second meeting running it was Gordon Pooley who took the final win. Well done Gordon.

1/G.Pooley 2/C.Bunn 3/M.de Land 4/D.Dollin 5/D.Clarke 6/A.Bilby 7/S.Young