17 April 1995, Northampton
Report by Anne Sayell from Motoring News

Nic Grindrod took home the Trafalgar Bearings Grand Prix Midget Cup at Northampton on April 17, the heats won by Harry Sayell and Gordon Pooley.

Heat One was the only dry event of the day. Gary Piper took up the early lead, with Steve Piggins taking over for a couple of laps, before being demoted by 'Sonic' Sayell on lap seven. Sayell pulled steadily ahead, with 'Quick Nic' Grindrod moving into third place on lap 13, behind Piggins. Grindrod finally overhauled Piggins on the last lap, with Sayell half a lap clear at the flag. Fourth place went to John Salter, ahead of Tony Haynes and Pooley.

A two hour delay and steady drizzle before Heat Two left track conditions slippery. Newcomer Andy Collins took up the running on lap two, demoted five laps later by Pooley. The latter coped well with spinning backmarkers and pulled steadily away, only caught by Grindrod when a puncture hampered progress on his final two tours. Pooley held on to win from Grindrod, Sayell and Collins.

The 20 lap final saw Allan Herbert the early leader, but he was demoted by Salter on lap three. Salter himself was demoted on lap eight by Sayell. In a race of changing leaders, Sayell was soon passed four laps later by Grindrod on the outside, Nic clearly enjoying superior grip via his intermediate tyres. Pooley continued his earlier form by moving into third place on lap 12. Grindrod coped with back-markers marginally better than the rest and was almost half a lap clear at the flag. Grindrod is now the Delaware/RESB championship points leader after two rounds on 60 points from Sayell on 49 and Pooley's 46 points.